Patients with a Spinal Cord Stimulator may have difficulty as they move throughout the day. The spinal cord may move closer to or farther away from the electrodes that send out the mild electrical pulses. A stimulation level that blocks your pain when you’re standing may be uncomfortable when you’re lying down. As a result, you may have to adjust stimulation with your programmer.

AdaptiveStim® technology changes this dynamic. AdaptiveStim technology senses when you change position and automatically adjusts the level of stimulation.

AdaptiveStim is available only from Medtronic, exclusively with the RestoreSensor® neurostimulators. AdaptiveStim remembers the stimulation level you’ve set for each body position and adjusts the stimulation level automatically the next time you move into that position.

A recent study found that:

86.5% of clinical study patients reported improved pain relief and/or improved convenience2,3
80.3% of patients reported improved comfort when changing positions2,3


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