A recent article in the New  York Times celebrates the drop of Opiod prescriptions. The problem is, those of us in pain have been adversely affected by this drop. In Ohio, it is nearly impossible to access painkillers even if you have a proven, painful disease such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrom also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

According to experts interviewed by the Times, the drop is an important early signal that the long-running prescription opioid epidemic may be peaking, that doctors have begun heeding a drumbeat of warnings about the highly addictive nature of the drugs and that federal and state efforts to curb them are having an effect.

According to the article, Opioid prescriptions have fallen in 49 states since 2013, according to IMS, with some of the sharpest decreases coming in West Virginia, the state considered the center of the opioid epidemic, and in Texas and Oklahoma. South Dakota was the only state that showed an increase in prescriptions.

For more information, visit the New York Times article,

Opiod Prescriptions Drop for First Time.